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Things Everybody Should Know About Dale Cooper, FBI

1. He has no secrets.

Dale Cooper got his first tape recorder for his thirteenth Christmas. He hasn't looked back since.

He drank his first cup of coffee at fifteen.

If you asked him how much of that Tibetan mumbo-jumbo he really believes, he'll look you square in the eye and say, "All of it."

If you asked him what coffee brewed with a fish in the percolator tasted like, he'd give you a very long, inscrutable look, and then turn and walk away.

If you asked him about his dreams, he'd tell you that they're a code to break, and that there's truth to them.

If you asked him who Diane was, he'd reply, "One of the kindest souls in the world." (She's actually his boss Gordon Cole's secretary; it's debatable which of his tapes, and how many of his tapes, actually make it to her possession.)

If you asked him what the most important thing for any man or woman to do would be, his answer would likely be "To conquer fear."

If you asked him what the hell he was doing, he'd tell you.

If you asked him to compromise his integrity, he'd refuse, point-blank.

If you asked him to tell you a joke, either he wouldn't be able to, or it wouldn't be very funny.

If you asked him to expound on Tibet, he'd keep you there for hours.

If you asked him where pies go when they die, he'd tell you that they go to the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks.

If you underestimated him, or dismissed him because of his quirks...that'd probably suit him just fine.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper stands 6'2" tall. He has black hair (combed back, with no strand of hair out of place), brown eyes, and usually wears a solemn expression along with his ubiquitous camel-color trench coat, black suit, and neat tie. His most obvious quirk is his habit of talking into an ever-present hand-held tape recorder. He's a studious, curious, and thorough agent who specializes in complex murders. Coop, as he's known to his friends, is a quick study and possibly more intelligent than he looks. He solves puzzles and in the process ends up creating more. He allies himself with the local law enforcement and tends toward the obsessive on checking in with FBI HQ, but isn't above doing a little unauthorized side work when it will help his case.

This is a character journal created for [info]milliways_bar, and is formerly [ profile] spcl_agt_cooper. Dale Cooper is property of Mark Frost and David Lynch, creators of Twin Peaks. No infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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